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Swearngin Angus is an established, non-traditional family ranch located in Northeast Kansas. We have been in the cattle business for over 30 years running around 500 black and red Angus cows on 2500 acres of native/cool season range. After spending the first 20 years following "Progressive genetics and ranching practices," they simply didn't work for us economically. Unlike most in the early years we had two ranches in two completely different environments and we found the same lines of cattle were excelling in both regions. In 2010 we merged the operations into one and developed a very focused mating system that uses 5 very proven lines. Our herd sire battery is a very specific combination of proven cows crossed with these sire lines to develop our herd sire battery. The bulls are mated specifically to cow lines in order. Our goal is to optimize efficiency of production at every level.

Today we have marketed our cattle and genetics across the U.S., Panama, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Australia, and Canada, and the list grows every year.

Honesty and Integrity Matter to Us!

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