Cow Families

The cow is 100% our focus. Without a great cow herd that lasts 10 plus years you have no opportunity to make a profit. Our cow herd has been developed from a planned mating system where five Legendary lines have been utilized, with one outcross to balance terminal values. All of our herd sires were selected based on their dam and the mating to a legendary complete sire. — Angus Journal Article June 2018, Parental Influence — We understand the importance of breeding pure line Angus cattle and the value they provide to the commercial sector. Without pure line bulls mated to other breed cows, F1 or F2 cows there is little hybrid vigor which is the bread and butter for the commercial producer. Hybrid vigor is responsible for added pounds in calves, maternal efficiency, and longevity, all traits that pay more dividends annually then just pounds of calf produced. Our cows are now working in multiple environments around the world. Here are the main cow families that have become the lines that through natural attrition work on our ranch. You will be able to see that the foundation cow lines make up the same lines and sires we are using yet today. Great proven cattle never go out of style.

Bridget C11


Bridget C11 is the foundation of the Bridget cow family developed when Craig was in Alabama for 15 years. C11 was a Traveler 71, Scotch Cap, back to Big Elban of Graham 16569/ Lasorda of WYE. The Bridget cow family is now 25% of our total cow numbers. Great Maternal prepotency in this line.



This cow family originated from one cow that originated from the Black Bull program in Benton, Mississippi. A well know program that had great cattle developed and managed for the southern environment.

Sitz Everelda Entense 1905

Everelda Entense

All of our cows in this family line trace back to Sitz Everelda Entense 1905. We also have one herd sire, BT New Trend B192 (13979616). He is a grandson of this tremendous cow. She was flushed extensively in her life and had 64 daughters with an average weaning ratio of 104.

Lass 5186


The foundation of this cow line was produced in the Van Dyke herd in Montana. Clarence, was a master breeder of great maternal Angus cows. Our line stems from Lass 5186, which came to them from the Green Valley, Hobson Montana.

VDAR Lucy 427


Like the Lass Cow family, the Lucy's came from the VanDyke program as well. Our Lucy's trace back to the most notable Daughter VDAR Lucy 427, born in 1990. She encompassed some of the greatest complete sires in Traveler 23-4, Rito 707, Shearbrook Shoshone, O Bardoliemere.

Merle of CH 2031


Again starting from one cow purchased for $1500. The foundation Merle was a daughter of Merle of CH 2031, she was better known as the dam of CH Stacker. The Merle cows have never been flushed and today are the fastest growing cow family in our program.

Miss Wix 365

Miss Wix

This cow line traces back to Miss Wix 365 of McCumber. Born in 1983 at McCumber Angus Ranch in North Dakota. She was a three generation Pathfinder dam. Our foundation cow was a Basin Rainmaker 654X daughter out of a Traveler 124 daughter of 365.

VDAR Polly 215


Tracing back to the Vandyke Angus Ranch to VDAR Polly 215. She was another great daughter of Traveler 23-4, Baldridge Oscar, Shearbrook Shoshone. Our Foundation Polly was an EXT out of a Rito 953/215.

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