S-S Ranch
The S-S ranch is a long time ranching operation started by Bob and Martha Roberts. He and his wife lived in California and owned the piece of land that is now the headquarters of the S-S Ranch. In 1952 Bill and Martha McLeod-Shultz, Purchased that property from the Roberts to add to his farming/livestock operation. Bob Roberts, was Martha McLeod-Shultz’s uncle by marriage, therefore the land stayed in the family. Bill Shultz farmed, had a dairy, Hogs and chickens. Most farmers of that time had a diverse crop livestock operation in the area. Then in 1965 Bill leased the ranch to the Black Watch Cattle Company, a nationally known New York, based cattle operation. It was an investment based cattle ranch and it lasted until Sometime in 1973.

In 1972, Bill’s Daughter Martha, (Marty) and her husband Barry Shaw purchased the land from her father. They started running their own commercial cattle on the land where the headquarters is located today. Over the next several years Martha and Barry bought more land and added to the size of the ranch. The Shaw’s lived in Kansas City where they had other business interests and Marty was a career long employee for TWA Airlines. The Shaw’s have only had three managers from the time they purchased the ranch, Tom Swearngin being the third. After Barry’s passing, Marty built her home out on the ranch and moved to the ranch on July 1, 1996, where she still lives today. Marty and Barry have a daughter, Molly . Molly spent a lot of time growing up on the ranch and when Marty moved to the ranch Molly moved out with her and spent several years there until her career has now taken her to Michigan where she lives and works today.

Barry and Marty Shaw

Marty and Molly Shaw


Swearngin Angus, Bar over TK Brand
TK Angus (Swearngin Angus) Started when Tom was 15 years old he went to work for Barry and Marty Shaw of the S-S Ranch. Tom started as weekend and after school help and moved up to manager, of the 1500 acre 300 commercial cow/calf operation. Tom learned the foundation of the cattle business from the Shaw’s and those commercial cows. AI was used to try and increase the quality and consistency of the commercial herd. Tom purchased his first registered Angus females in 1988, from Steve Smith, Hiawatha, Kansas. Tom purchased those cows as he wanted to produce bulls for the commercial herd that had stronger maternal traits and better efficiencies on grass.

Tom and Kim were married that same year. Kim was working on a degree from Kansas State University, in Family and Consumer Science and drove for 3 years back and forth from Lawrence to Manhattan. Kim completed her degree and started her teaching career at Logan Junior High in Topeka, Kansas. After 15 years there she got the chance to move closer to home and took a teaching position at Tonganoxie. By this point they had two sons, Gavin and Grant and she wanted to be closer for all the boys activities. In spring of 2004, Tom and Kim purchased the cattle and some land from Marty Shaw and began the life long dream of owning and building their own ranch. Also during this time they had been growing their purebred Angus numbers to a point where they started having an annual bull sale where this year will be the 27th. Today the ranch has grown to almost 500 head of Angus Cows. Kim teaches at Tonganoxie High School and has one of the largest FCCLA Programs in the state, Gavin is a Senior at Kansas State University pursuing a degree in Ag Business. And Grant is a senior at Tonganoxie High School. All are a very integral part of the operation. The ranch has been built completely from the cattle and we are very proud of that.

Swearngin Family


CG Cattle Brand
CG Cattle was started in December 1986 when Craig Guffey graduated from Kansas State University and became a managing partner in a commercial cattle operation at Lecompton, Kansas. The operation was both farming and ranching and started with a mixed group of Gelbvieh based cattle. Craig went on to breed those cattle up to higher percentage Gelbvieh cattle and at one point, I owned the first homozygous Polled, Black Gelbvieh Bull, BKN Skywalker 210. As my career path changed I moved to Georgia, and moved some cattle with me. After several years of running a small heard of Gelbvieh cattle in the south I had a chance to sell my entire herd and I did so at that point. I was thinking about taking a position at the corporate offices of American Home Products, in New Jersey but decided not to and took an opportunity to build a ranch in southeast Alabama and began buying Angus females and a successful ranch there from 1997 to 2010. In July of 2010 after a trip with my brother in law Tom Swearngin to Montana on a bull buying trip we decided to bring our operations together and build one family operation that could have more scope to the family. So I went home to Alabama loaded 100 cows and sent them north to Kansas where we are today. Continue to the CG Cattle page to read more about the cattle.

Craig Guffey and sister Kim Swearngin