CG Cattle

CG Cattle is owned, operated, and managed by Craig Guffey, (Kim Swearngin brother) I was born and raised in Northeast Kansas and after graduating from Kansas State University in 1986 life took me on many adventures! I lived by this motto, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

My cowherd runs with the Swearngin heard and all cattle are managed, evaluated and culled by the same criteria. The only difference in the two herds is the Swearngin herd has always been in Northeast Kansas, where as my cow base was developed in southern Alabama. My experience with developing a cow herd that worked there was very eye opening to say the least, however I found the basic principles of breeding profitable cattle worked the same there as they did at the Kansas ranch. The major differences were that like most extreme environments culling is the key to profit and building consistent efficient cattle. More selection pressure had to be placed on parasite resistance, hair coat retention, feet structures on wet sandy soils and lines that could simply take the intense heat that plagued them for nine months of the year. Forage was a whole new lesson as the native grasses, mostly common Bermuda, and Bahia grass had little to no feed value. I could write a whole book on southern forages and grazing but I will reserve that for later. There were also a lot more issues with predators like, Alligators, Water moccasins, eastern Diamondback Rattle snakes, and fire ants.

During the 20 plus years I lived in the Deep South, we began to see more benefit in sending the bulls raised in Alabama to the Kansas ranch to be marketed. Then in July of 2010, we made the decision to merge our operations and I loaded 100 cows and headed them for Kansas. Shortly after the cows left I followed and moved home to help build a stronger family operation. While in Alabama I enjoyed some real success in the Angus business with a couple of bulls that made the ABS lineup. The first bull was Morgans Direction 9901 111. At his height of semen sales he was fifth for semen sales at ABS and led the breed for a couple of years for Rib eye area. Morgans Direction was not just an outstanding carcass sire but he was unique in that his daughters were extremely productive and I still use him today in my breeding program. All of the herd sires that have come forward and excelled in our program would be out of a daughter or granddaughter of Direction.

The second bull I owned was Sinclair Excellency 5X25, an EXT son out of the great efficiency cow, Ideal 4465 of 6807 4286. 5X25 has gone on to become a great carcass and maternal sire as well. Today he ranks second at ABS for meat tenderness. There are two other bulls that we still use in Kansas as foundation sires that came out of my program and those are RB Nemo 378, 14642550, and BT New Trend B192, 13976616. Nemo, is out of a line of cows I developed in Alabama, (Bridget) that excelled in that harsh environment and in Kansas they continue to flourish. The cow pictured at the top of my page is Nemo’s mother, C11. She is the foundation Bridget and that picture was taken when she was 15 years of age. She produced until she was 17. Her linage is Traveler, Scotch Cap, Graham 16569, and WYE Plantation. The Bridget’s represent 40% of my cow herd. BT New Trend B192, was an own son of AAR New Trend 131, and out of BT Everelda Entense 57D. He is the only son of New Trend that I have found that his daughters possess the mass and power of his mother 57D. These bulls are also pictured on this page.

As our breeding program moves forward our focus is to maintain a foundation set of cows by which to repopulate our cowherd and bring true long term value to the breed. These cows produce Moderate framed, massive efficient power bulls to sell to our customers. These are the kind of bulls we have built our reputation on and in the future we will start selling groups of females that can produce those kinds of bulls.

BT New Trend B192

BT Everelda Entense 57D
Dam of BT New Trend B192

Morgans Direction 9901 111

MCC Barbie 9901
Dam of Morgans Direction 9901 111

Sinclair Excellency 5X25

Ideal 4465 6807 4286
Dam of Sinclair Excellency 5×25

RB Nemo 378

Dam of RB Nemo 378