Hands out of our Pockets

Change is inevitable, Adaptability and Survival are optional….

One of my favorite sayings, I even have it on one of my field notebooks lol.

The last post was full of numbers that make up our industry and for us help draw a clearer picture of what the future might look like. We can say it isn’t going to happen… however change is inevitable. How we choose to adapt and survive is up to us.

February 3rd, 2018 will be our 30th annual bull sale. Where we ranch in northeast Kansas is comprised of mostly farmers, and people who work in town who have a small herd of cows. They have no idea what carcass value is or what 90% of our EPDs represent after 40 years. Extension service we haven’t seen in 10 years and most haul their calves to the sale when they need some cash. Sound familiar?

We have been led down the path to the cliff were thousands of producers have met their demise from following the popular fads of the day like most have been. We bought Donor cows and flushed and used the popular bulls. When we started that, we ate ramen noodles one week a month thinking if we had popular genetics we wouldn’t have to eat ramen noodles anymore. Well, when we were selling our best cows to pay for that and went to eating ramen noodles three weeks out of the month we knew something had to change. That is called an epiphany! We refer to that on the ranch as getting kicked in the junk, and it happens regular when u is being a dumb a__. The crazy thing is most of these people don’t have a clue what a fad is in breeding cattle. They thought they were “Progressive” and bought “Elite” cows… Only to figure out they had been part of a great Ponzi scheme, in time for their bankruptcy dispersal! The only people who won was the marketer who got that new cow enthusiast when he shows up at his first cow sale with shiny boots and a dust free hat! He gets him talked into spending all his money and when he has gone broke in the traditional 5-7 years, he takes his share dispersing him. That’s what you call a double dip! LOL That’s why we have run all of the sorry suckers off… Not one of them has sold a single animal for us! Hell I was that good at 5 and at 7 I sold my first calf. So then Mr. Marketer shows up for a herd visit and tells you, ‘You haven’t used the right bulls, they aren’t fat enough, and market is down.” You want to shoot them on the spot! That is again is getting kicked in the junk!

Same way in the feeding and packing industry! Shiftier eyed guys who tell u to trust them that they will treat you right… those 5 words are like being hungover on tequila, you know the end will be bad. Lol

The most important lesson we have learned in the cattle business is this one thing… It is the only way to make a profit. Are you paying attention? Get everyone’s hands out of our pockets!

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