Herd Sires

Coleman Rito 707-974
Registration Number: 16359676 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: April 13, 2009
Semen available!

News! We have made a deal with CIIADO, the leading Bull stud in Argentina. Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil to market semen on “974”. He is now the only living, and most proven son of the Efficiency and muscle sire Rito 707 and Coleman Donna 386. We are excited about opportunity to market his semen into the grass country of South America. He has added a new dimension in efficiency in our cow herd and honest production on forage that we haven’t found in any other sire line in 40 years of breeding.

Semen Now marketed through CIIADO in Argentina, as well as through SEK Genetic Horizons.

Calving Ease Direct: +12
Dry Matter Intake: 974 is in the top 5% of the breed.
Dollars Energy: $40.08, Top 2% of Breed.
Dollars Weaning: $51.17
Dollars Yield Grade: Top 10% of Breed.

Dam: Coleman Donna 386


Coleman Rito 707-974

Sire: Basin Rainmaker 654X

Coleman Rainmaker 9167
Registration Number: 16584705 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: August 10, 2009

Sired by Basin Rainmaker 654X (Born in 1988 at Basin Angus Ranch in Montana). 654X was sold as a young bull for $40,000 to Argentina. He became the most widely-used AI sire in the history of Argentina, selling nearly 100,000 units of semen. Only a few hundred units of semen stayed in the US and most were used by Stevenson’s. We selected this sire on his high maternal breed through value. 654X daughters are massive females in their dimension and they push power and efficiency to their offspring. His dam stems from the highly proven Dixie Erica family that is also well known for powerfully efficient females that produce sons like OCC Emblazon 854E.

Dam: Coleman Dixie Erica 143

Son: Swearngin Rainmaker 340


TK Mr. Wix 8132 6177 BW
Registration Number: 17123104 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: August 17, 2008

We sold Possession in this herd sire this spring at 8 years old to Peterson Angus, Clay Center, Kansas. We know he will do an awesome job for them also. He has been a total package sire for us that his sons have always anchored our annual bull sale as one of the top sire groups. Like “974”, “8132” is also a forage converter with a Dry Matter Intake of -.53, top 3% of the breed.

Son: BCC Bushwacker 41-93

Maternal Grand Dam: KR Miss Wix 254

Maternal Grand Sire: Morgan’s Direction 111 9901

TK CG Rito 219
Registration Number: 17679598 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: February 29, 2012

Rito “219”, (the Calving Ease specialist) was our pic of of our 2012 bull crop. 219 was the high gaining bull that year in our own ranch test at over five pounds per day. His dam is a flush sister to our proven performance sire “Mr Wix 8132”, and both cows are daughters of Morgans Direction 111 9901, out of a Basin Rainmaker 654X daughter that is a granddaughter of Miss WIx 365, of Mc Cumber. 219 is sired by our Coleman Rito 707-974 flush brother to Coleman Foundation 972. Rito 974 is a rare proven calving ease son of Rito 707. 219’s first calf crop earned him ratios of 97 BW, 107 WW, and 105 YW. His first sons were highly sought after in our bull sale this year. His CED is 15 which puts him in the top 3% of the breed, and BW -1.3. Dry matter intake in the top 10%, $EN in the top 15%, and $YG in the top 3%. Backed by the proven cow families of Donna and Miss Wix, we are excited about his daughters’ ability to bring that efficient proven power forward.

Dam: CG Miss Wix 812

Maternal Grand Dam: KR Miss Wix 254

Sire: Coleman Rito 707-974

Sinclair X-Plus 3XX7
Registration Number: 17463007 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: February 12, 2013

3XX7, was our pick of the Sinclair Emulation XXP sons in the Sinclair 2014 Bull Sale in Buffalo, Wyoming.

We selected him to fill our need for the Emulation portion of our genetic equation. 3XX7’s sire XXP is 28% line bred Emulation and out of an Emulation 31, Rito bred dam. We use Emulation to balance our cattle, add longevity, efficiency, udder quality and just darn good cows! 3XX7 has a complete N Bar Ranch pedigree which can’t be bought anymore. Calving ease, growth, maternal, and added carcass merit. A very complete sire.

Semen being marketed through SEK Genetic Horizons.

Sire: Sinclair Emulation XXP

Maternal Grand Sire: Emulation 31

Maternal Great Grand Sire:
Sinclair Rito Revolve OR5

Swearngin Rainmaker 340
Registration Number: 17995721 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: June 18, 2013

340 was the bull we selected out of the 2013 calf crop. He is plain and simple pounds and mass! Like 219, he was a standout in performance in his crop at over 5 pounds per day gain and weighed over 1600 pounds when he went out to breed his first group of females this spring. On grass he continued to grow and get thicker and stouter in the breeding pasture on fescue.

Sired by Coleman Rainmaker 9167, out of an 8132 daughter, and combining the three maternal lines of Dixie Erica, Miss Wix, and Polly cow families.

Paternal Grand Sire: Basin Rainmaker 654x

Maternal Grand Sire: TK Mr Wix 8132

Yearling daughter of 340, on fescue pasture this fall/winter.

Maymont Emulate 4392
Registration Number: 18034906 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: March 22, 2014

Maymont Emulate 4392 combines the cow families of Lady, Blackbird, Lady Ida, and Enchantress. Sired by the ABS Global sire, Sinclair Emulate 7XT28 (the sire of Sinclair Fortunate Son). His dam “06S3” has a birth ratio of 95, progeny weaning ratio of 108, and progeny yearling ratio of 104 on three natural calves. This sire was selected for the combination of N Bar maternal lines, and added forage efficiency.

Sire: Sinclair Emulate 7XT28

Dam: Sinclair Lady 06S3 4465

Maternal Grand Dam: Ideal 4465 6807 4286

Maymont Executive 4336
Registration Number: 18034896 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: March 9, 2014

Maymont Executive 4336 is a maternal brother to both the Accelerated Genetics sires Sinclair Fortunate Son, and Sinclair Timeless 8BA4. Executive’s sire is the proven ABS Global sire N Bar Emulation Ext A1747. A1747 is in the top 1% for $B as well increasing our carcass merit in an outstanding maternal package. His pathfinder dam “2P8” records progeny birth ratio of 99, and progeny weaning ratio of 104 on nine, and a progeny yearling ratio of 105 on seven.

Sire: N Bar Emulation Ext A1747

Dam: Sinclair Blackbird 2P8 7079

Maternal Grand Dam: Rito 707 of Ideal 089 7076

ACR Revolver 4102
Registration Number: 18163869 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: September 6, 2014

We spend a tremendous amount of time searching for the right pieces for our breeding program. Revolver is a grandson of Rito 707, out of the Sinclair herd sire Rito Revolve OR5, which is extremely rare and out of one of the best Pathfinder cows to leave the Sinclair program in Eriskay 2N1. Revolver will be used to linebreed the Rito efficiency and power in combination with our intensely bred emulation lines. Like all of the rest of our herd sire battery he is very correct in phenotype and structural correctness. Revolver’s dam is also the grand Dam of our herd sire Coleman Doc 554, which will once again compound a power cow with these stats, WR 8 @ 111, YR 5@108, and 24 daughters with a combined WR of 51@101. Flush Sisters to Revolver were two of the top cows sold at the A cross dispersal.

Sire: Sinclair Revolve OR5

Dam: Sinclair Eriskay 2N1 7883


Coleman Doc 554
Registration Number: 18217637 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: February 5, 2015

Coleman Doc 554, was our selection from the Coleman Angus Bull program this year. He puts together generations of great cattle that have been developed by the Coleman’s. Like us they develop cows that work in their environment and sort hard for the economical traits of fertility, efficiency, disposition, udder quality, and structural correctness. All of these traits have to be in place to give her the longevity to stay on the ranch and help pay the bills! 554’s sire is Coleman Doc 2261, a son of Wulfs Ext out of a full sister to our herd sire Coleman Rito 707 974, tying back together 707 and Ext in a powerful package. The Dam’s side of his pedigree brings together a Charlo daughter out of one of the best Pathfinder cows to leave the Sinclair program in Eriskay 2N1. The powerhouse females in this pedigree along with his performance and flawless phenotype makes him another exciting sire in our already stout lineup of herd sires!

Maternal Grand Dam: Sinclair Eriskay 2N1 7883

Paternal Grand Dam: Coleman Donna 989

Flush brother to Coleman Donna 989: Coleman Rito 707-974

Swearngin Emulation XXP 4128
Registration Number: 18140780 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: September 27, 2014

A pedigree packed full of some of the greatest cows of all time! We have found over the years if we pull the performance bulls out of our own program to use they are far more consistent than anything we could find. Here is another stand out from a proven mature cow at Swearngin Angus. His individual performance ratios were as follows, WW 123 and YW 123, in a contemporary group of 43 head. He is extremely correct and long spined, perfect set of feet and legs. He will join Sinclair X-Plus 3XX7, a half brother out of Sinclair Emulation XXP, the 28% line bred EXT son that possesses the power, disposition, carcass quality, and maternal strength we demand.

His dam TK Lucy 8171, is a proven daughter of Morgans Direction 111 9901. Direction is a pathfinder sire that was a feature at ABS in the mid 2000’s. He lead the breed for 3 years as the top REA bull, added carcass value, and was in the top 10% of the breed for 13 traits. His daughters continue to be some of our favorites. Maternal grandsire is BT Right Time 24J, supported by Sitz Traveler 043, AAR New Trend, and Emulous 60E. 4128 is very rare in being a line bred Emulation for consistent cow power yet in the top 3% of the breed for $ Beef.

EPD Highlights

• DNA enhanced PF50
• Weaning weight top 10% of the breed
• Yearling weight top 10%

• RADG- +.26 top 15%
• Docility 25 top 10%
• Carcass Weight 1%

• $ Weaning $61.20 top 20%
• $ Feedlot $92.30 top 5%
• $ Beef $168.17 top 3%

Sire: Sinclair Emulation XXP

Maternal Grand Sire: Morgans Direction 111 9901

Sire of Maternal Grand Dam: BT Right Time 24J

Swearngin Timeless 573
Registration Number: 18584832 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: September 26, 2015

Our choice of the Sinclair Timeless 8BA4 sons we produced in our program. Timeless is a breed leader for Calving ease direct at +20 and -5.1 BW EPD. He also combines a pedigree of high maternal growth not shown in EPD’s. The Timeless Sons have been in high demand at Sinclair for many years because they possess the dimension, stoutness and foot shape that most calving ease sires don’t possess. Timeless 573’s pedigree is backed by some of the best maternal cows in the breed (pictured). N Bar Miss Emulous A404, 2 times (N Bar Primetime D806’s dam), Rito 707 of Ideal 089 7076,(one of the Best 707 daughters to work at Sinclair). Coleman Donna 386, (dam of Rito 707-974), and Coleman Polly 904,(EXT, Rito 953) This Bull had Individual Weaning and yearling Ratios of 117, and 110, performance on grass.

Sire: Sinclair Timeless 8BA4

Maternal Great Grand Dam: Coleman Polly 904

Sires Great Grand Dam:
Rito 707 of Ideal 089 7076