Welcome to the Swearngin Angus Blog!

Hi everyone! Communication has become an increasingly large part of our ranching operation. We would have never guessed a year ago that our Facebook would have grown to nearly 4,000 friends that communicate with us daily. Sometimes it gets overwhelming so I thought if I set a goal to write a weekly blog on our website and tie it to Facebook, maybe that will help organize my time better and still address people’s interests… sooooo we will give it a try. Remember we are plain and simple ranchers every day of our lives. Facing all the same issues many of you face on a daily basis in each of our respective environments. We will talk about everyday issues that face us on the ranch and in our industry. Some of these issues may stir up some feelings from some of you, but it’s how we learn and grow. It’s difficult for us to understand why people believe that cattle are supposed to be perfect and raised in a perfect environment… Where the hell is that? LOL So, here we go. We look forward to engaging conversation and feedback. Until next time…

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