Welcome to Swearngin Angus

SWEARNGIN ANGUS HAS BEEN BREEDING ANGUS cattle for almost 30 years. We are a family owned and operated, 2500-acre ranch, running close to 500 cows.

Located in Lawrence, Kansas, we breed proven, balanced females to produce proven, balanced bulls! We are not in the glamour business. Swearngin Angus raises proven, profit-generating cattle that pay the bills. They always have!

An established, non-traditional ranch, we take pride in the fact that we love to think outside the box. We raise cattle, not marketing concepts, and we blaze our own trail. You won’t find us following the crowd or latest trend.

Complete, solid cattle built our ranch to keep our customers coming back.

Honesty and Integrity matter to us! If these traits matter to you, then keep reading…

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